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One each of: Wake Up Your Call Center: Humanize Your Interaction Hub Customer Service and The Human Experience Lay Your Cards on the Table + 32 card deck PC Mirror 4-color Power Pen
WakeUp4thedition.jpg Wake Up Your Call Center: Humanize Your Interaction Hub, 4th edition
Specialist Makes People Count Great customer service defines the survival of organizations in today's rapidly-changing business environment. While technology has enhanced customer contact, corporations are realizing that even as the speed of customer interactions increases, the nexus of world-class customer service lies with the people an organization hires to support its inbound and outbound interactions. "We have lots of talk covering technical information and training, software, hardware, new systems - a whole new language, in fact. But what about the people? They are too often dropped out of the picture as people, and I want to call this to your attention because we, the people, make the difference!"
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CustomerService.jpg Customer Service and The Human Experience
One of the leading challenges for today's managers is the training and motivating of excellent agents. While much attention has been focused on the technology and benefits of providing multiple channels for customer contact, little attention has been paid to handling the human part of the equation--training CSRs to field more than just telephone communications. Dr. D'Ausilio and Dr. Anton have successfully merged the critical human aspect of the contact center with the ever-growing need for metrics and the bottom line. With their insightfulness and vast experience, they impress upon you the incalculable value of the human touch in customer service.
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LayandDeck.jpg Lay Your Cards On the Table: 52 Ways to Stack Your Personal Deck
D'Ausilio provides a variety of unique, pithy, and just plain outrageous bits of out-of-the-ordinary observation. Coupled with intriguing and expansive photographs, this book will give you the hand to deal with tenuous times. This book is bundled with a deck of cards representing 32 of the most popular readings.
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PCMirror.jpg PC Mirror
Increase Productivity. A nationwide study on the use of the computer mounted "PC Mirror(tm)" reported an increase in productivity by up to 16% by businesses that extensively used the telephone as a part of their business. Smile While You Dial...we know a smile can be heard over the phone. Use the PAT System (Posture, Attitude, Tone of Voice).
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4colorpen.gif Power Pen
The Power Pen has 4 colors, with instructions for use, as folows: Red when it's urgent Blue if it's due Green for your 2 cents worth Black for main notes
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