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A recent independent study demonstrated an increase in success of sales ranging between 6% and 16% in companies that used PC Mirror. This study, performed in numerous companies in different occupations throughout the country, depicted the importance of a large mirror that was always present for people using the telephone to conduct their business.
Many companies require their front-line employees to use a mirror when they make mobile phone calls. Several reasons exist for this requirement. One reason is when they get "rattled" from a previous call, viewing themselves in a mirror helps them more rapidly rebuild their composure and regain their effectiveness. Another reason is that people can tell when someone is smiling or pleased. Those feelings are - often - unconsciously transmitted to the person they are speaking with. A smiling or unruffled CSR is much more effective when making or receiving telephone calls.
Human Technologies recommends this mirror to the groups they train, particularly since their experience has shown that mirrors represent an extremely cost effective and simple way of increasing efficiency. Now there's proof for the old adage "People can 'hear' you smile".
* Results from an independent study. There is no guarantee that your company will experience similar or any positive results.
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