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Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D. Editor and Publisher
Volume VIII, Issue 10

Date: October 1, 2007 - Customer Satisfaction with Call Centers

The latest information I’ve gathered numbers call centers at 50,000 in the US with tens of millions of people interacting with companies through a contact center annually.  As we’ve said before, a single bad experience can lead to defection from a company. 

In a recent study, CFI Group’s Call Center Satisfaction Index and Analysis—which uses the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) methodology--compared customer satisfaction with contact centers in 6 key industries: 

1.      Banking

2.      Cable and satellite TV

3.      Catalog retailers

4.      Cell phone service

5.      Insurance companies

6.      Personal computers 

They report that the two biggest factors in customer satisfaction are (1) issue resolution (what we call First Call Resolution) and (2) a customer’s feeling that the CSR is easy to understand and interested in helping them.  Additionally, the Index found that almost a quarter of all callers considered leaving a company based solely on their experience with a call center. 

There were various evaluations in this study, but several stand out as the most salient issues confronting call centers and issues that have the biggest impact on overall satisfaction and, therefore, loyalty, retention, and ROI.  These 3 were: 

1.      CSR ratings

2.      Problem resolution

3.      Offshoring

 Let’s look at each of these in our newsletterS.  CSRs received the highest scores for their courteousness, interest in helping the customer and speaking in an understandable manner (soft skills). And knowledge and problem resolution (hard skills) scored lower.  [Again a case for hiring and training for soft skills.]

 However, the study shows that the CSRs ability to solve the issue presented ultimately drives customer satisfaction. 

The point here is that companies need to be sure their training programs include the tools that CSRs need to answer the questions they are getting.

Look for the next newsletter where retention and offshoring will be addressed.


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