Online Newsletter for Call Center Personnel
Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D. Editor and Publisher
Volume II, Issue 3

Date: March 1, 2001 - Neatness Counts

I thought it might be interesting to talk about the clutter in our lives (what clutter, you say?), and how to organize and let go of that which is no longer useful, necessary, or even appropriate.

Some of us are really good at organizing our workspace, but our homespace suffers, or vice versa. I say if you have clutter in either place, you and your relationships suffer! If there is a lot of clutter in your life, where is the time, and even more importantly, the availability/space for your co-workers, teams, or internal/external customers? Then on the other side of your life -- where is the time and availability/space for your family and friends, and, last but not least, for yourself. The less clutter, the more you there is available for all of the above.

Here's a useful acronym - S.P.A.C.E.


SORT means to put things in categories, like for like. The end goal, as you may guess, is to store like with like, but for now we're at sort to see what your 'stuff' consists of. If your office space has unread industry magazines/newsletters (all except ours, of course) stack them neatly. If you have the time, sort by issue date, latest on top.

PURGE. Create piles for what to keep, what to throw away, to give away, or even sell. If these piles last more than a reasonable time, they become throw aways! Like that carton in your garage or basement that hasn't been touched, let alone opened, for the past two years! Keep only things that build your energy, nourish your soul, and move your life forward.

ASSIGN A PLACE/CONTAINERIZE. Where will they go, and what kind of container will you need to hold them?

EQUALIZE. As we all know, stuff keeps coming in, like mail, e-mail, interoffice memos, and magazines. Bring only what you need in and keep it in a designated space

QUOTE OF THE MONTH: Neatness counts...Rosanne's Mother.

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