First Call Resolution:  How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

When call volume spikes, do you automatically add personnel?  Or, is it possible that customers are calling more than once (or twice)?

Are you losing customers to your competition, and you canít fathom why? 

Are your customer satisfaction statistics/percentages going down instead of up?

Do you measure first call resolution and your number is either very high or very low?

What are you measuring, and why?  Do you know?  Could you be shooting yourself in the foot?

 If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, we have answers.

As you know, best practices for first call resolution is 86%.  But whatís the impact of the 14% of people who are contacting you more than once, more than twice, and sometimes even more than three times?   



Whatís the cost of that to your employees, their morale, your customers and their satisfaction and loyalty, your business, your bottom line? 

 Youíll be amazed at how much it costs you! But there is help right here right now!



Just released is an information packed CD hot off the burner, which includes:

  •  Primary Measurements of FCR

  •  Impact of Repeat Calls

  • Self Service Effectiveness

  •  Formula for Calculating the cost of  2nd, 3rd, and 4th time callers

  • Top 5 Methods to Achieve First Call Resolution

  • Needs Assessment Criteria

  • Requisite Training Core Competencies

About the Author:  This report is provided and presented by Dr. Rosanne D'Ausilio, industrial psychologist, consultant, master trainer, best selling author, international keynote speaker, and content/industry expert who is also known as the 'champion for the human.'

And as a bonus you will receive:  Downloadable Power Point Slides.

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Remember what gets measured gets managed, and what gets managed gets better.  So go here to order now!  FCR CD


Rosanne DíAusilio
Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D.
Best Selling Author, Consultant, Master Trainer
Human Technologies Global, Inc.
"champions for the human"

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